Greetings from Artist Nada Meeks,

and welcome to my new Fantasy Portrait Studio ' N8DA '.
formerly Perennial Dreams Studios  a name I love but feel is a little long so I thought it would be better to just be myself.

Fantasy portraiture stared for me as a way of bringing art to the people.
Artist can be a solitary lot sitting in our rooms painting the day away alone, but I had a longing to make art that was community and people centered something anybody could participate in. Art that strangers off the street could wonder up and become a part of  the 'Never Ending Story' of the imagination and in 2008 I held the first Free Fantasy Foto Shoot for my 100 page book "Fairy Spell" and I was hooked .

People made appointments and wondered in off the street , children were laughing , day dreams and fantasies were exchanged by waiting  models, I even got a bit of newspaper coverage it was a wonderful experience  and such a feeling of joy in the sharing of dreams. And its a feeling I would like to continue to share .

"Only Fantasy Has Eternal Youth
What happens no where and never
can never age" - Schiller

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